I was working on my portfolio projects, and I did want to build a project that brings a value, in this time I was interesting on Twitter and creating content there, so it came to me an idea to build a Twitter tool that has some new twitter features like searching for spaces.. , and fortunately I found chirp challenge when I was exploring the twitter API page. I took inspiration from several twitter tools, to see how the app should do authentication, and what the valuable features that I should add.

What it does

The App authenticate the user with his twitter account and has tow features :

  • Setting and configuring Welcome messages.
  • searching for spaces.

How I built it

I build the app using MERN stack, and bootstrap with hope ui design system, I worked with a professional git workflow, and kanban methodology, So I broke the app to small tasks, and I built one by one.

Challenges I ran into

  • One of the challenges is learning the basics of backend with express and mongodb in short time.
  • Making the Authentication working was challenging because of the cross-origin cookies, so I used a proxy with the help of netlify
  • Building the UI was challenging because I didn't had a complete design to work with.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I'm proud of learning the basics of backend and not giving up on that.
I'm proud of the authentication process.
I'm proud of the app ,I'm so happy with the result .

What I learned

  • Express
  • Mongodb
  • Bootstsrap/React-Bootstrap

What's next for Voneet

The app is easy to scale, so in the future I would add more features if I had time.

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