The problem

How do nonprofits reach volunteers? Mostly by creating a new sign up page or adding a Google Form on the website. But you can reach more potential volunteers where they are already spending their time – on Facebook. But doing so can lead to a lot of manual work like keeping track of volunteers on spreadsheets. Imagine having to collect emails from individual chat and create an account in a volunteer management system. Or, going through the spreadsheet for sending important updates to individuals. If the organization doesn’t use any management software, things get even worse. Data gets lost eventually and volunteers have to fill up a form every time they come back. There remains no way to recognize returning volunteers and pay tribute to their excellent work. And of course, the manual bookkeeping process doesn’t scale, especially if the organization has a large number of followers on social media.

The solution

Voluntree comes into the picture to provide automation to the volunteer recruitment workflow from social media. Once connected to a Facebook page, VolunTree will listen to the feed and page inbox. It will automatically recognize interests from comments and messages. It will initiate data collection, onboard volunteers, and create accounts in the volunteer management software you already use. It will also be able to answer factoid questions by learning from the knowledge base you provide- so that you don’t have to deal with repetitive questions over and over again.


We have closely seen how nonprofits from our local community were struggling due to the manual bookkeeping process during the challenging time of the world pandemic of COVID-19 and it was a great motivation to automate this process with software.


Outreach Tools

  • Transparent and detailed “Sign Up” posts
  • Spread the words with multiple pages and posts
  • See response in real-time and take actions

Sign Up Management

  • Automated data collection, email verification and onboarding
  • Account linking with 3rd party integrations
  • Volunteer profile, activities & ratings


  • Automated onboarding and acknowledgment
  • Automated response from sign-ups, volunteer info and payments
  • Broadcast event updates in messenger

For Volunteers

  • Review and respond on the go (post comment + messenger)
  • Convenient "Add to Calendar" button
  • "Share" their activity with their friends and motivate others to sign up

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