People are so caught up in their own worlds and are in a constant cycle of being busy that they fail to see the help that their communities could use. We realized that people could do more social good within their environments and feel good about what they have accomplished while having fun and doing what they love.

What it does

Our program ensures that anyone can help their community in many different ways, all the way from finding volunteer opportunities with animals to the elderly. The website also creates an incentive for people to volunteer by rewarding them badges that serve as milestones based on their progress toward their communities.

How we built it

Our team at the beginning of this hackathon was very beginner, and we didn't really have experience in CSS and HTML. We watched several Youtube tutorials on how to code using HTML and CSS. We wanted our website to reflect our ambitious idea and didn’t want a simple and basic website. Instead, we wanted to challenge ourselves and learn to make an intricate website that reflected our intricate idea. We attended the Web Development workshop and learned how to add complicated fonts, colors, and various structures in the code. Through the help of mentors, we also learned about many new ideas to improve our design.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we started with were finding places to begin, as all of us were beginners in coding. Figuring out what parts of our idea were achievable within this timeframe took a while, and formatting images on our website to fit the code was frustrating at first, but we got the hang of it and we eventually were looking forward to formatting more images throughout the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As beginner coders, we are extremely proud that we were able to put our minds together to create our very own website! We were able to find a project idea very fast, and we used a color scheme to design our website. From using youtube tutorials, attending web development workshops, and using the help of mentors, we are proud to present a cool website with an aesthetic design.

What we learned

We learned basic HTML and CSS coding to build our website. We all came from very minimal tech backgrounds, but we were able to come together and learn each other's strengths to help contribute to VolunTree. Writing ww3 strings and writing code from scratch allowed us to gain a new perspective on precision as well. We now know web development ideation and the nuances of coding’s role in font color and size, as well as working with images and altering them to fit our format organization to make our website look presentable and professional.

What's next for VolunTree

Once VolunTree gets the opportunity to grow, we plan on expanding globally. This will allow us to gain more sponsors over time to grow our website and spread a community message more effectively. We also plan to upgrade the website to include videos and photos of those who participated in certain opportunities and include a new page displaying accomplishments of different people. We also plan on incorporating a rating system for each event/organization/volunteer opportunity so newcomers know what to expect and how good the organization is for a certain skill level/age/experience. This will allow the volunteering experience to be more fun and let users know if a volunteering opportunity is a right fit for them.

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