Being in the social good category, we want to do something with non-profits and build a community as well so we came up with Voluntr

What it does

Voluntr is a React app that scrapes a website with a large dataset of non-profits and displays them in a presentable manner. From there, if a user is logged in they can learn more about these orgs, filter them based on their category, and learn more about events these orgs are hosting. As a non-profit organizer, those users can log in to create events for their organization and spread the word about their cause.

How we built it

We build Voluntr using React for the front end. We also used Python's requests and BeautifulSoup library to scrape and parse the data from the database website. After scraping and parsing, we then store all the organizations in a Google Cloud Firestore collection for our front end to query and display. A similar process happens for the events as well, except the organizers of the non-profits can create events, which are then stored in Firestore, for potential volunteers to view.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges throughout this project including trying to find the proper website to scrape organizations from and properly setting up Firestore with React.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can say that we did not hardcode any data for this project and that we incorporated a fully functioning backend, which we are proud of doing given our time constraints.

What we learned

We learned about how to use Google Cloud Firestore within a React app and how to actually run a web scraper.

What's next for Voluntr

If we had more time, we would implement a feature for RSVPing for events so organizations could see how many volunteers to expect. We would also love to implement a chat feature to encourage community building within the application.

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