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As we were brainstorming on ideas when the prompts were released, we researched a bit on google, and noticed that there weren't too many websites/apps that helped non-profit organizations. So... we tried to solve it by making a website that helps other non-profit organizations.

Features/Why its different

On our fully functional app you can post, and search for volunteer groups. We simplified the process of promoting your non-profit organizations, and best of all its FREE.
We have many features in our app such as a search bar, email and password login/signup authentication, a form to post a volunteer group/get your volunteer group featured, ability's to join and share groups, etc. As of the technologies we used to build the app include NextJS, Firebase Auth, Firebase Firestore, local storage, React Hooks, etc.

Technology's and what they were used for

We used NextJS as the frontend framework to render everything, and react hooks to make global variables. For the backend we used firebase, specifically the firestore and firebase email and password authentication. To connect the frontend to the backend we used the firebase sdk for JavaScript.

Future Ventures

We will add a tier system, so people get motivated to use our app. For example the host needs at least unlock 5 tiers in order to host a group that requires a minimum tier to enter. People who don't host, but join volunteer groups can tier up by joining different groups.

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