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ConuHack _CGI_Challenge

        VolunteerMe is a website that tries to provide services for the society; by connecting organizations who are searching for new volunteers with people who are interested in volunteering in certain field with these organisations. This application is user friendly and easy to learn. It allows users to register using their social media accounts.
        VolunteerMe uses an AI tool called Extract keywords by to make suggestions about upcoming events for the potential volunteers. This AI tool scans the description of the event and users' bio and extracts some keywords from both of them, then it suggest new events for users depending on keywords matching.
        VolunteerMe also uses the API of googleMaps to provide users with the exact location for their registered upcoming events.
       During the Hackathon we ran into multiple challenges. None of the team members perviously used the technologies we used in this Hackathon such as Angular, FireBase, AI technologies and Google Maps API. It took us too much time to find an idea to implement and install all the required software tools for the project. But most of all being able to translate our ideas into a working UI friendly software in 24 hours while being sleep deprived was the most challenging aspect of the hackathon.
       This service provides organizations with volunteers who are interested in volunteering with them and allows the volunteers to actively contribute to the society by doing something they are interested in.

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