Many people have it in their heart to give back to their community, but quickly get discouraged when trying to find the right organization to work with. Finding and initiative to volunteer for can often be difficult, and that's why we've created "Volunteerity" a platform which connects volunteers to organizations that meet their interest, making the process of giving as possible.

What it does

The platform allows user to create either a organization, or volunteer account. Organizations can use the platform to promote for upcoming events, raise awareness about pressing issues, and enlist the help of local community members. Volunteers will be able to search for organizations using keywords pertaining to their interests, and be able to sign-up for upcoming events created by organizations.

How we built it

Front-End Using html we created a basic framework for the website, with a landing page, login page, and search page. We we're hoping to expand into more pages such as feed, and profile pages but ran out of time. The pages discussed above were styled with css to add a minimalistic, friendly look to the website.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into difficulty when trying to integrate our back-end java code, with our front-end html code. Our project had two strong pieces, but we failed to integrate them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This being our first hackathon, we are proud of the way that we worked together to create a product (while not complete) that has a solid base, and the potential for future development. This has been a great learning experience, and has given us the knowledge to set ourselves up for success in future hackathons.

What we learned

The notion of mutable/immutable objects was reinforced in this project, as there were many attributes of Users and Organizations that we did not want to be accessible to the user of this program, in order to maintain the rep invariant. As mentioned above, we struggled with integration of front-end and back-end. This taught that more preparation is key, and by expanding our skill set we may have succeeded in the given time.

What's next for Volunteerity

  • Bridge the gap between the Front and Back-End. Upon doing this, we can continue to develop the software to better suit the users.
  • Completion of login, profile, and feed pages.
  • Possible additions include algorithms to find initiatives that a User might be interested in based off of the attributes of their account.

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