One day a team of people met at a virtual hackathon. We did not know what to expect, we wanted to do something but we thought they didn't have the skillset. Many of us did not know how to code, many did not know about marketing. But we all shared one thing: the desire to volunteer, to bring something to the community. Support and solidarity.
What we discovered is that each of them could actually bring much more than we ever thought. Especially, they had the opportunity to learn a lot and actually build something real. Our dream became true. It's great to reunite forces!

What it does

The simple way to help and receive help in Switzerland. The volunteers Hub to foster solidarity in local communities: we are matching the demands of the people in need with volunteers, the smart way.

How we built it

We used different tools to work together: zoom, miro, github… they made our life easy! We worked together. We split tasks in teams. We experienced horizontal leadership. We coded, with PyCharm and Jupyter Notebook.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was to find this team! Then there was the lack of sleep, and getting this uploaded on time...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all the atmosphere in the group was great, everyone was very enthusiastic, engaged, supportive and respectful. Everyone felt at ease and the communication was efficient, with constructive criticism. All of us were motivating each other a lot, making the project advance move fast, and allowing us to finish everything on time. Every single individual of the team contributed a lot (marketing, coder, customer flow team…), including our amazing mentor! Check it out:

What we learned

We learned so much! How to use some tools like Zoom, Miro, Slack, Prezi… We learned how to work in a big team, how to manage our time and all of this remotely!

What's next for LocalHero.Swiss

Establish Local Hero as a legal entity. Endorsement from the government and/or cantons. Partnerships with Swiss associations (e.g. Caritas, Benevol, Swiss Volunteers, FiveUp,...) to integrate or add our to their own platform/App. Find partners for the reward program (e.g. local stores, leisure places,...). Communication funds for promotion to recruit new volunteers to promote the widget towards associations Training and skills development. Gamification process. Redeem credits (discounts with partners or donation) Trust features. Payment system and choice (twint, revolut or cash). Matching schedule of volunteer (availability) to task. Association system (group of volunteers verified as part of the association). Hierarchy of associations - e.g. one association is under a canton, cantons are under Swiss federation. Developing community interaction and thrive.

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posted an update

After being one of the 42 highlights of the hackathon, we merged with the Herofinder team and we keep working on the development of our project. We also participated in the EuVsVirus hackathon, you can check it out what we did here: . New website landing page available here for now: . App available soon on the store!

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