As a group, we believe that volunteering is better with more friends as well as increasing the impact that we can have on the environment. A large majority of our peers tend to use Discord as a chatting app while playing video games. Utilizing this application, we have created a bot that will encourage users to get together and volunteer in the Bryan-College Station area.

What it does

The initial command, '!create MM-DD-YYYY', causes the bot to search through a small database of volunteering opportunities in the surrounding area. The user can react with a thumbs-up emoji to the preferred volunteer opportunity, causing the bot to send a private DM (direct message) to the user. The DM will prompt the user to enter in a valid Gmail address, creating an event directly in their Google calendar by using the Google API.

How we built it

Hard work, sweat and tears. We taught ourselves how to build a Discord bot from scratch and learned how to utilize the Google API.

Challenges we ran into

Our vision had changed drastically from the beginning of the hackathon to now. From a stubborn Slack bot to a flight search engine, we finally settled on an idea that was both feasible and practical. Honestly, the hardest task that we had to face was getting the software running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing our project and getting our code working was our biggest accomplishment.

What we learned

Python 2.7 does not round up to Python 3.

What's next for Volunteering Bot (RevBot)

Instead of a fixed database, we plan on utilizing web-scraping to compile volunteer opportunities as well as expand to other cities rather than focusing in Bryan-College Station.

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