People all across America have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with an outpouring of support for their neighbors. From providing childcare to working parents during school closures, to delivering food to quarantined senior citizens, to creating and distributing PPE for first responders, local communities are pulling together and helping each other.

One example is Oakland University in Southeast Michigan. OU has teamed up with a number of local charitable organizations to pack and deliver food packages to quarantined families in nearby Pontiac. Supplies are available, but unfortunately, they need more volunteers to make everything happen.

This is becoming an all too common problem across the U.S. Many different groups are stepping up to provide support, but they don’t have enough volunteers they can call on for help.

The problem doesn’t end there, though. Many individuals want to volunteer their time and energy, but it’s often difficult for them to find information about how they can actually help.

Volunteer Here is designed to solve both of these problems at the same time. It is an easy-to-use online platform which connects caring people with worthy causes.

What it does

Volunteer Here is the all-in-one volunteer event platform for both the event organizers and the volunteers.

For organizers, it provides a platform on which they can publicize their events, in order to gain community support in the form of donations of time and money. It allows for the collection of volunteer information and provides a single platform for communicating with volunteers.

For volunteers, Volunteer Here is an aggregator of the events and organizations in nearby communities who need volunteers. This allows volunteers to find any organization in their local area that they want to support, rather than volunteers just working with the few organizations that they already know about.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What's next for Volunteer Here

As a concept, Volunteer Here has tremendous potential to become a global network. In the future, we can add much more functionality, such as:

  • Google Calendar to streamline a volunteer's search by automatically removing events that conflict with already-scheduled items, and automatically saving a signed-up event to his/her Google Calendar
  • Social sharing buttons, to help organizations spread the word to people off-platform
  • Newsletter sharing options, to keep long-term volunteers up to date
  • Donation button for monetary donations
  • Features for template press releases, and template fundraising emails
  • A toolkit for hosting collection drives of physical goods
  • AI and machine learning prediction tools to analyze volunteers’ past involvement and recommend other related causes that they might be interested in


Our Discord usernames are:

  • Nathan Dimmer: Nathan Dimmer#9256
  • Andrew Dimmer: contactandrewd#3166

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