There are many organizations that do not have enough volunteers to help run their events. During UNCC's annual International Festival, we noticed that there were a lack of volunteers for many booths. We wanted to create an application that connected users to organizations that need help.

What it does

iVolunteer is a multi-platform service that allows people to look for and apply to volunteer opportunities within their community. This helps create inclusivity and makes community service easier for both the volunteers and organizations involved.

Challenges with Creation

Initially, we weren't sure if we wanted to create an application or a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot. We decided to try the route of creating our own Messenger Chat Bot, believing that it would be easier than trying to create a multi-platform application. However, we ran into the issue of creating a web server for our bot's web hook. While we were able to get the server up and running, we did not have enough time for our server to support HTTP connections.

What we Learned

Through this project, we learned to use APIs and some web development skills (JS and Node.js), improved out knowledge in using Git, and learned how to configure a web server using Heroku and Node.js.

What's Next?

Our team will continue to expand our programming skills to create iVolunteer and one day release the application to consumers and organizations.

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