The Inspiration of the site come from the fact that there are many sites which are available on the internet but students doesn't get incentivize on their learning. So I have come up with a solution to the students to earn as well as study

What it does

Basically the students can log in to the site and can learn their courses and can earn tokens on completing each of the levels assigned to the course and they can later use it in the website to redeem it for an 1:1 lesson with a teacher or on E-books or can get vouchers on it. In this even the teacher can earn experience and get tokens which he can later redeem for vouchers and certificates.

How we built it

It will be built on Web as well as App. For this the tech stack I am using are JS, Java, Firebase, Kotlin, ML Kit

What's next for Volunteer Teaching matchmaking site

I am going to make it in the summer with a complete site to be ready in which I can learn some new coding skills

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