zh-CN: EN-NP VMS 志愿者信息管理系统

en-US: EN-NP VMS (Volunteer Management System)

项目简称:EVMS 志愿者系统

Abbreviation: EVMS System

项目开发启动时间:2019年3月 Begin date: March, 2019 项目第一版(正式版)开发完成时间:2019年8月28日 1st Generation issue date: Aug.28 2019
开发者:Enson, Yan
Developer: Enson Yan, (CN: Yan, Yi Cheng)
CN Software Copyright Registration Certificate 软著登记号(Number of cert):2019SR1023776
软著证书号(Reg Number of VMS):软著登字第4444533号
Nowadays usage: The system can help goverment and schools to attract people who would like to volunteer during the hard times such as COVID-19.

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posted an update

The system was assembled as blocks, the manager of this system can change the running method flexible in order to achieve their target. It could give schools, even the governments the best solutions during hard times & daily managing.

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