Our Inspiration for this project was to help people in general to get volunteer work or post volunteering work, so that it makes easy for both of the sides to get people or get work. The inspiration behind this project was to use our talent to help those in need we care greatly about our community despite the fact sometime we feel isolated in our own world

What it does

Through technology it seems every aspect of our lives has been made easier except helping others. This website strives to make itself the best way to get in contact with charities, non profit organization that are in need of volunteers or if someone is looking for getting volunteer work.

How we built it

The website was totally made up on html, Css, JavaScript & an external cdn (font awesome). In the time we got, we were only able to make up the static part of it, but we look forward to make the functional part.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into were that none of us were that familiar with backend & Database technologies and tools. Our main focus was to make a website, which was dynamic, where people can create their own profile, apply to volunteering work live & organizations to post volunteering work or find correct fit for their organization. So as we had time constrains, we could only make the static part of the website.

We even faced problem, while working because of time. We all were in different time zones, the difference between us was of around 11 hrs. Which made it little difficult but we managed it : )

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we could bring our idea to reality and complete the project on time.

What we learned

We learned a lot from this hackathon, we all learned to work in a team, to manage our time properly. At the same time, we even learned new technologies, programming languages to make our website better. One of our team mate learned a whole new language Django and really liked it, because it was first time for him learning web development.

What's next for

We still look forward to work on, even after the hackathon finishes. We will firstly learn database and backend, in order to make our website functional and reach the real goal, which we wanted it to reach. The website will be really useful in the market if it gets views and good web traffic, we just need it to make it functional and reach out to people and organizations to use our platform.

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