Volunteers make our NYC better in many ways.
Volunteer data would help residents, visitors, and business. Thus, we need to help volunteers to search useful information.

How Volunteer data impact Residents:

To enable them rediscover New York City. There are many services are either running or supporting by volunteer, government agency committee, like neighbor advisory board (NAB), Church, senior centers, non-porfit organization, hospital, fund raising, collect / distribute food, tutor / teach, prof / management, mentor youth, office service, general labor, etc. People gain experience, build up profile for school, scholarships for students. Some people build up relationship with others for adults.

How Volunteer data impact Visitors:

To empower them explore the NYC. This would generate profit for the city. Why? Visitors used to come to a place to visit, explore, and learn about the local. In addition to the hot tour spots, we would have a business to help visitor explore the local, then it must help visitors know more about NYC both mentally and physically.

How Volunteer data impact Business:

To enrich the business owners to improve their reputation and to help become top volunteer ranking of the state in the nation. Business potential areas are popular in many topics, for example, gathering, events, celebration, campaign, promotion materials and catering.

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