Inspiration: Giving back to the community!

What it does: It connects volunteers to volunteering opportunities and vice versa within a desired range of location.

How I built it: Our team carefully and decisively split up the jobs for each page belonging to our website in order to make sure that it is built efficiently, and so that each person on our team feels included, fulfilled, and apart of our cause.

Challenges I ran into: Our website is heavily based off of locational services, and therefore we ran into a few issues of including the users' location so we can appropriate the information needed to use this service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We are proud that we were able to work together so well and simply create something for a beautiful cause!

What I learned: We learned how to work as a group making everyone feel included and valued.

What's next for Volunteer Connects: Working with a wider range of people and institutions to allow for more good to be done in the world with ease!

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