We know that many students desire to find volunteering opportunities - I was one of those people. Through thorough searching, I was able to find an organization where I was allowed to go to China to teach less fortunate students that didn't have as many opportunities as us. Through experiencing the difficulty to find a suitable volunteering organization, we came up with the idea of a website that connected non-profit organizations with volunteers.

What it does

Our website allows volunteers to find volunteering opportunities through our thoroughly crafted list; this list will be actively updated. After a prospective volunteer has found an organization that suits them, they are able to either contact the organization themselves or submit their name, email, and message in a form. After they submit it they are able to see themselves on the front page. Organizations can also visit our page to find volunteers and click on them to contact them through email.

How we built it

We built this website by using HTML as the base, CSS and mdbootstrap to style it, javascript to make everything work together, and PHP to connect to the database. We also used Swift to code an ios app.

Challenges we ran into

There was a multitude of challenges that we encountered during this project and was an essential part of its creation. One of the challenges that was notable was making multiple volunteers show up when we pull from the database. We solved this by combining each user into one row instead of each individual row and using string manipulation to separate it into multiple users in the client side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One accomplishment that we all contributed to and are proud of is the smooth and welcoming UI that we created. With the animations, transitions, and styling, we believe that we have created a visually appealing site that we can be proud to say that we created it.

What we learned

Through the many challenges that we encountered, we were able to learn how to smoothly incorporate a database, how to create a usable ios app, and pull together multiple people's ideas and work into one product.

What's next for Volunteer Connect

We hope to extend our ventures by reaching out to more organizations and we hope to facilitate the interaction between volunteers and organizations through giving more information. Furthermore, we hope to create a way that people can sign in, receive notifications, and be in long term contact with organizations through our website.

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