As we were thinking about our solution to the Hack4Good we realized that we all have something in common, a desire to volunteer, a desire to help our community! But, yet none of us knew where to find this kind of information. In addition, another issue that can be related is how to donate items since there does not exist a proper platform that facilitates it and many times reusable items became trash.

What it does

What if we have a simple way to connect people and volunteering projects all around the world? So we came up with this platform that you can find projects that are happening around you and around the globe, so you can be a volunteer or donate a value, and also you can donate an item that you don't use anymore and give it to someone in need.

How we built it

It was build with Node.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Defining the idea was for us definitely a challenge, but once we had it structured, it was very rewarding to develop the website and the visual identity. Because we did that as group, since all of us had different skills and we used on different tasks.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud with the solution we created to a very often problem, with the user experience and with all the effort that the teams members putted into.

What we learned

We learned how to teamwork virtually, to be aware of whats happening in our community and the lack of information about volunteer work, to improve our skills and exchange of experience with the team members. Also, we had a lot of help of the mentors, they did an amazing job guiding us and helping us with solutions.

What's next for Volunteer Around

Improve the website with new functions, always updating with new projects and donations, and also we want to have a page for companies who wants to feature their brand with volunteering projects.

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