-We found that as High Schoolers, volunteering takes up a large part of our time. We had focused on aspects of volunteering that had made them boring, or not fun, and had sought out to reverse it,

What it does

-It is a match making website, in order to partner you with those who share similar interests, in order to make volunteering much more interesting. By doing this, there will always be someone who can accompany you on your volunteering adventures.

How I built it

-Since we were not that experienced in code, we had decided to use squarespace to base our website, and then fill in small section with tid-bits of HTML coding

Challenges I ran into

-A lack of coding knowledge lead to some difficulties when producing the website

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-We produced a full system, along with a website, while also learning group dynamics, and how to distribute workload

What I learned

-The basics of coding syntax for python and HTML

What's next for VolunTech Website

-Release to public for user input, so that we can receive Data, and improve the user experience. Additionally once we get more users our databases of users will grow.

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