The Inspiration came from reminiscing about how simple the high school days were. When I realized that high school students in NY probably still need to complete the 100 volunteer hours. My team and I decided that building a platform that allows students to gain volunteer hours by helping deliver groceries is what we wanted this hackathon to be about.

What it does

Basically someone places an order for groceries, a student would pickup said groceries and deliver it to an address. The volunteer hours are calculated with distance in mind. Every mile is 2 hours, a student must complete 50 hours with VolunTear in order to receive 100 hours in credit.

How we built it

We built this app with a regular Create React App using Google Firebase for the backend, React and its many libraries for the frontend and for all our distancing needs.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some challenges when it came to the API, we even accidently ran through all our free credits! Can you imagine? Luckily we had two API keys and once we fixed the error in our code, we were back on track.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An Accomplishment that we are proud of is that this is the first hackathon where we are submitting a project! All of us have attended different hackathons but only learned as opposed to building something we actually turned in.

What we learned

Besides adding to the knowledge we all had in react, my team and I learned that hackathons are not just about programming something and winning. It is about having fun and networking.

What's next for VolunTear

Adding more to functionality, UI, and more! Just because this was a basic idea, it doesn't mean it'll be easily implemented. If we plan on using this, we need to understand how to properly partner with stores, pay ahead of volunteers reaching the stores or even allowing a method for the volunteers to pay with something we can provide to them.

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