While trying to think of Hacks for health-tech, we were thinking about the speech one of the presenters gave during orientation. He spoke about how problematic it was for many, especially those with low-income, to make it to their doctor's visits. After a lot of mulling it over, we recalled past hours of community service and thought that there might be groups of people willing to provide free transportation to people whenever they can.

What it does

Our application will be able to match those in need of transportation with vetted users wanting to service their community. For example, a volunteer could be a high schooler in need of community service hours for a club and would like to give to their community by helping an often forgotten demographic. What a person who wants a ride would do: The user would log into the app and post when they needed a ride to a hospital. The user will receive a notification when a volunteer is offering. What a volunteer would do: A volunteer must be vetted by the hospital in advance in order to use the application as a volunteer. Afterwards, they will be able to see when users needed a ride to the hospital. Volunteers would then be able to contact the person in need of transportation through the application.

How we built it

We planned out the project's design before we began programming. We utilized Google's Android-Studio to set up the application and enlisted the aid of Google's fabulous API's to get hospital location data.

Challenges we ran into

Both of us underestimated the learning curve of Android-Studio and the Google Places API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a solid foundation in Android-Studio and were super excited about having designed a product.

What we learned

We learned the basics of Android application programming and have a solid understanding of Android-Studio as well as the Google Places API.

What's next for Voluntaxi

We plan to continue working on this application in the future by adding all functionality we envisioned as well as perhaps contacting our local hospital for them to use.

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