Volunpeer is a community for volunteerism, allowing users (both individuals and groups) to request, vet, and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

What does Volunpeer solve?

Volunpeer solves problems on both sides of the volunteering equation:

  • Volunteers can easily sign up and immediately get matches based on their availability and interests.
  • Volunteer-seekers (individuals and groups) can submit opportunities to our platform for community-vetting and manage attendance of those opportunities. This means that individuals can directly request and receive volunteer assistance if their request is in-line with our community guidelines.

Community-based solution

Beyond those solutions, Volunpeer is a community -- members are encouraged to vet new volunteer opportunities and each user has community reputation, which is tied to their participation.

Following the importance of the Volunpeer's community-based approach, Volunpeer's codebase is entirely open-source (available on Github), meaning that anyone can submit changes to the underlying functionality and mechanics of the site.


I had the opportunity to speak with Alice and Kara through the exemplar program -- they gave me some great feedback, especially regarding trust. Since it is a completely community-based platform, trust is a major aspect of it, which is why the community points system is tied into most user actions on the site and each user's community score is viewable.

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