We wanted to find a way to make our on Social Impact in our communities. We are all high schoolers with community service requirements for school, so we wanted to make that process easier for other people.

What it does

It gives you a list of nearby places/events where volunteering help is needed. It adapts to your selected location, and gives you nearby locations so you can become a 'volun.tier'.

How We built it

We used Xcode from Apple for the entirety of this project. Additionally, swift and a volunteer match API were used (along with plenty of youtube videos and assistance from the Youth Expo volunteers/mentors).

Challenges we ran into

We weren't able to get our verification system connected to the app, which took up time in the creating process. Also, none of us had barely any coding experience, so we were getting stuck constantly and trying to find a way to get our code to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we actually created a semi-working app with no prior coding experience in just 12 hours still amazes us. Our presentation and pitch is also something we believe turned out well.

What we learned

Coding, hands down. We can now say that we have experience creating a working user-interface and an iOS app.

What's next for volun.tier

We might try to grow it from being centered in the Tri-Valley to other places in California. Maybe we can even get that verification system up and running so epople can create accounts and get notifications from the app itself.

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