As college students, we're always looking to go to concerts of artists that we love. However, our friend groups don't often share the same music taste, making it difficult to find a group to go with. It can be unsafe, dangerous, and generally not as enjoyable to go to a concert, rave, or festivals alone. Therefore, we developed a platform called "Volume", a social media web application aimed for students in universities in the RTP area (such as NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke) to help concertgoers connect with local students with similar interests.
Volume allows students to sign up with their school emails and create a profile geared towards their favorite music genres and artists, including the option to link their Spotify account. Once the profile is created, students can browse upcoming concerts in the Triangle and favorite the concerts they are interested in which would be visible for other users to view and reach out. In addition, they can search for friends to add with similar music tastes. There will be a messaging platform they can utilize to communicate with other people about upcoming concerts they are both attending. We used Bootstrap 4 with HTML5 and CSS3 to assist in building the interface, which we created mock-ups for using AdobeXD. For back-end, we used Javascript with Firebase to host our web application. The challenges we faced were learning how to use the Firebase platform as well as collaborating on the code through GitHub as we had merging conflicts. However, as a team with no experience with Firebase, we were able to learn how to utilize it within a short amount of time, as well as create and develop multiple pages linked to the landing page. Working together to learn something from scratch also helped us become more collaborative team members to help each other learn and build our team up through our growing camaraderie. In the future, we hope to fully turn Volume into a mobile application as well as improve user interface accessibility within the application as a whole.

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