What it does

It gives the utility companies ability to directly manage the demand. Currently demserand management is done indirectly by adjusting the price to incentivize or deincentivize energy consumption.

How I built it

We have several components: Cloud component, user app and user devices.

-> Users configure their devices via the app and the app delivers this information to the cloud -> Cloud component predicts the demand for the next day using historical data and determines an energy production strategy -> Cloud component enables or disables user devices according to the configuration and the determined energy production strategy

Challenges I ran into

  • One weekend wasn't enough to process the whole dataset on a regular laptop
  • CoAP, a very promising protocol for the application, didn't work because device was behind NAT and the network didn't support IPv6

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Our team was consisting of 4 random people who didn't work before and despite that and despite missing one guy we formed a very good team and managed to make a working project!

What I learned

  • While trying to debug NAT and IPv6 issue (I didn't know the network didn't support it) I dove very deep in AT commands. It was fun :) Also I needed to use python flask, something I didn't know before.

The project files are here (very messy): https://github.com/semihiseri/iothon2019

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