We just wanted to do something random and try to learn something new. Start with a simple idea: A search query would be something new to design. Narrow it down: Volcano search query. Build from here.

What it does

A volcano search query You can search for volcanoes in existence with search queries and filters like region, country, rock type, etc. It brings up a search results list of volcanoes that match your search filters. If you tap a volcano search it will pull more information from the server and give you a description on the volcano.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to build the app and Google Fire base to store volcano data. Austin built the GUI with the the search interface and information layout. Josh built the Google Fire Base client and server and json to xml converter and sorter. We built each side separate and had variables that would communicate to each others code. At the end we put our code together to compile it and corrupted the file base. :(

Challenges we ran into

Merging our projects together. Trying to use GitHub without merging our files incorrectly.

What we learned

We both learned Android Studio over the 36 hours and about how it uses tags and a lot of layout functions. Josh learned how to get information from a website and transfer it to Google Fire Base. He also learned how to use json and xml conversions, reading, formatting, and editing.

What's next for VolQuery

Un-corrupting the files.

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