Bringing people together Helping those in need Building strong communities Personal growth

What it does

Helps volunteers find opportunities Helps organizers promote events, recruit and manage volunteers Helps volunteers get recognition through digital certificates

How we built it

Discussed ideas Created paper wireframes Coded a skeleton application Added AWS backend, APIs and database Polished the final product Performed quality testing

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with app ideas that fit the topic Discarded ~15 great ideas Finding a name Learning AWS Windows laptops (NodeJS) Coming-up with a fresh new look and feel, UX

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Being able to complete something as a team Learned new tools - Figma, NodeJS, React, AWS Good user experience Finish work on time

What we learned

App development workflow and lifecycle How to design a cool UI in less than 24 hrs Team work with people we just met

What's next for Volo

Build a commercial apps, along with mobile apps for iOS and Android Add digital certification with blockchain Integration with organizations such as schools, courts, civic organizations Promote through universities and high school ML/AI for better matching and recommendations

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