Our team members are civic and community minded and we know how to code.

Team Member Joe’s story. “On election day, a friend called me to help at the State Capitol and I came down to help with the election. It was then -- that I saw this great need for volunteers and instead, you see the lack of volunteers. The need for helping get volunteers, mixed with the need to help the election managers was my motivation to join Volume 7 and help the Office of Elections.

Team Member Spencer experienced the drawbacks of the current volunteer sign-up process. Spencer said, “A few years ago, I received a check from the State of Hawaii and printed on it was the Office of Elections’ url about becoming an election volunteer. I decided to do my civic duty and sign up. The process took a lot of time with a long-winded call with the office. This was a chance for me to help improve the process from the election volunteer’s perspective.”

And Team Member Charles thinks by “drastically reducing the time needed for staff at the Office of Elections to call applicants up to the time of the elections, the elections staff can focus on preparing for training sessions.” And he emphasized Joe’s point saying, “the need for volunteers is great. Our web-based app can minimize wasted time playing phone tag and increase productivity focusing on outreach to community groups, high school student organizations, and non-profits to boost the volunteer sign-ups. If they can start to coordinate with these groups to organize and bring in volunteers, and use the improved portal to easily onboard applicants, it's a win-win for everyone.”

What it does

A web-based app to enable volunteers to register and schedule their training sessions. Check out the video for details!

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