This is our project Volmatch made by team f(x) for makespp. What inspired us to make this was the lack of volunteering opportunities available to us as high school students. So we thought of making a simple and effective solution It basically provides a platform to connect organizations to interested volunteers Volunteers can view details about the work they have to do and leave their contact details in the comment section in case they want to help. We built it mainly by using javascript using node.js and express at the backend along with mongoose for the database.
We used HTML/CSS to make frontend along with some API's like cloudinary to upload images online to a cloud and we used other libraries like passport js for making login/sign up pages(Authentication) We faced some problems too.. We had initially come up with another idea on which we spent a considerable amount of time but afterwards we thought of this and had to pivot to this but it all worked out in the end. Cloudinary API was giving a lot of problems(Service for storing images online), finding bugs were really hard, we ran into some errors we had never seen before. Stack Overflow and Youtube provided the much needed help to us for solving these problems and identifying the errors. The functionality of the website is something we are proud about, this website can actually be used in real life by organizations to hire volunteers. The UI is plain and simple and very minimal. This website can be used by anyone. This hackathon also taught us some stuff. We learnt working with deadlines/time management in this hackathon along with importance of being decisive. This taught us to work as a team and how to divide tasks etc. to perfect our execution and come up with a good project. We will try to reach out to as many organizations and people and try to connect as many people as we can with Volmatch.

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