I have always enjoyed playing video games and have been interested in VR, but the monetary barrier has prevented me from being able to experiment in it. This project allowed me to also learn the basics of Unity as well as play around with Google Cardboard for a limited VR Experience

What it does

Each member of our team worked on a separate project, but collaborated with each other. My project was a dungeon type puzzle explorer games made from scratch. It consists of 2 rooms which has switches and buttons that allow for further exploration. In the second part of the maze, I have hidden a secret button that will open up a wall revealing the 3D scanned version of myself.

How we built it

Nobody in our team had any experience with Unity so the first day, we loaded up example projects and looked at how the different components were coded and interacted with each other. At that point we began working on our own projects, and I started making a map from scratch and simply played around with things to learn the limitations of what I could do.

Challenges we ran into

Since we were unfamiliar with Unity, we spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to translate our ideas into Unity's pre-existing libraries. The biggest hurdle we faced though, we on the night before we had to submit our projects. We had working versions of our projects but when we tried to combine them together into a single APK, we ran into a lot of compilation errors with Unity. However these errors were related to scripts that we did not even use, and we could not figure out why they were popping up or how to fix them. I had made some final polishes to my project and we were planning on having an initial 3D menu where a player could choose which demo to view. Because these errors showed up, we were unable to combine the projects into a gallary like we were originally planning and submitted each working project individually.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I personally was proud of my small level. I played around a lot with the texture shaders and managed to achieve a very pretty looking wet look on the floors and walls. I was also proud of the torch I had created from scratch, which included a light emitter with a short script I wrote to produce flickering, as well as a simple particle system to give it some ambiance. I think the team is proud of their ability to quickly learn and make interesting projects that we could immediately test using the Google Cardboard

What we learned

I, and presumably my whole team, learned a lot about Using Unity and the limitations and opportunities of VR. I had been wanting to learn Unreal Engine and these projects definitely lessened the mental stigma I had about diving into something I have little knowledge about. I think that after this, I will be much more willing to learn how to use other Game Engines and Languages.

What's next for Volhacks Dungeon VR

I will install Unity on my desktop and attempt to recover my work, although I am not sure If I will be able to get the original file working again. However I know how everything was done so I can easily recreate it in much less time, and I can see myself continuing my project to see what else I can make. If what I end up with is enjoyable and polished enough, I think I could even potentially put it up on the Google Play Store.

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