As a community of overly quiet individuals, we struggle to raise our voices in presentations. The embarrassment of being told we are too quiet makes it hard for us to love public speaking.

What it does

Our web app is made to be used for overly quiet people. When you open it up and plug in a microphone capable earphone, you can speak into it and it records the ambient volume around it. Implementing a ring rate algorithm, the program takes the ambient noise and detects when you are lower than the preset decibel level. When the volume drops, the phone will silently ring in your pocket, giving you feedback to increase your voice. This app provides you with a person guide to remind you to speak up.

How we built it

We started with research into Android and IOS sensors determining software tools to use such as vibration motors and microphone. Our second criteria was deciding apps or web application. The conclusion was a chrome based web app due to the APIs and demos tested on chrome. We then gleaned over relevant demos and put together a mix and put it on a website hosted with our free domain.

Challenges we ran into

Testing the app was a main factor as a physical decibel meter hacked with a vibration motor would be a bulky equivalent. With almost no extra parts, the system can be easily be put in your pocket without arousing suspicion. Our key feature is the replacability of different earphones and input methods.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it, from product conception to programming to execution. It's possibly a niche problem that we believe people struggle with and can benefit from self-help feedback.

What's next for VoizTrainer

Our web app is on app for now but we would love to see it developed for IOS or an android app.

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