Latest technology can help people with speech disabilities get hired

Inability to communicate can severely affect people’s confidence in dealing with day to day life. Job seekers with speech disability often find their speech disorder to be a barrier to get suitable employment. Also, people who acquire aphasia after suffering a stroke may find their newly acquired speech disorder to be a severe hindrance to their otherwise effective job performance. Such barrier to clear and fluent communication can be minimized by using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in the form of software applications that can be easily downloaded on latest technology such as Smart Phones and Tablets. VoisPal is an example of an AAC speech app that leverages latest technology. VoisPal can help job seekers with speech disability get hired. Speech disability should not prevent people from being hired neither should it be a reason for people to give up their current jobs. Today’s smart technology such as VoisPal can help people with speech disability communicate confidently and effectively.

What is VoisPal?

VoisPal is an Android based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app designed to help people with speech difficulties. VoisPal speech app helps people with speech disorders to express themselves fluently and effectively. VoisPal comes with more than 5000 commonly spoken sentences grouped in intuitive categories and sub-categories that help users quickly get to the sentences they want to speak. Users can customize and extend the list of categories and sentences. Users can also select a voice, accent and language of choice.

How does VoisPal support goals of disability employment app contest?

People with speech disorders often find themselves struggling with their speech in stressful situations such as giving interviews or while speaking in front of a group of people. With VoisPal, users can adequately express themselves at any situation. VoisPal’s user-friendly and feature rich interface gives its users the power of communication. Below are some points that show how VoisPal supports the goal of Disability Employment App:

• VoisPal empowers speech-challenged

Job seekers with speech difficulty can confidently answer questions during an interview by using VoisPal. Users can either select from existing list of sentences from a category or a sub-category, or they could type in their own sentences and speak it right away to answer a question, or save the sentence in a category or a sub-category for later use. Before going in for a job interview, users could also create custom sentences that describe their skill set and save it in a category which they can use later during the interview to explain their skill set to their potential employer.

• VoisPal enables presentation skills

With VoisPal, users can confidently speak in front of a group of people and give a presentation as VoisPal offers a feature where users can enter or store multiple sentences or paragraphs in a basket which they can use to explain their presentation. With VoisPal, job seekers with speech difficulty can apply to any position that require communication skills, negotiation skills, marketing skills and soft skills or people skills.

• VoisPal facilitates ability to compete in the multilingual, globalized world

VoisPal offers its users choice of language, accent and voice. Users can speak in any language with VoisPal.

Users can also use the language translation feature to translate their words, phrases and sentences from English into the language of their choice.

VoisPal also provides a recording functionality, where users can record their own voice in the language of their choice and later translate the same sentences in any other language.

• VoisPal makes telecommuting a viable option

Since VoisPal can be installed on any Android device (Smart Phones or Tablets) it is easily portable and allows its users to comfortably telecommute. Job seekers with speech disability can apply to positions that allow telecommuting since with VoisPal they can do their job effectively from any location.

• Both groups, employers and job seekers, can benefit from VoisPal

As more people start using latest technology to overcome their disability, employers will have a larger pool of qualified people to recruit the right candidate with the right skill set for the job. Because with technology such as VoisPal no job should be out of reach for job seekers with speech disability. VoisPal can help that dream job become a reality.

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