VOIS is an inspiration by my professor and Amazon Echo Dot! My professor sparked a discussion on how people are going to trust, consume and contribute reviews in future. Our recent purchase on Amazon Echo Dot made perfect sense to me. People are going to consume and contribute recommendations through ChatBots.

What it does?

VOIS is an intelligent conversational bot that aggregates people’s recommendations and reviews across various sources.

By conversing with this ChatBot, you can make informed decisions on businesses, products and services. Bot tells you whether to go with it or not, drives you towards decision rather than flooding you with choices.

Customer Value

Nearly 84-88% of consumers trust online reviews. They get that through Yelp, Google Places, Consumer reports, etc. But do they have time to read all the reviews? No! All consumers want is to get a quick glimpse of recommendation from various sources in one easy to consume method. VOIS helps them do that.

How we are Unique from others?

Businesses often try to give useful information to the consumers, but all that matters is whether it reaches them? “Too much of information would be overwhelming and intimidating for the consumers”. VOIS solves that issue by providing an effortless, time saving and a legitimate recommendation to the users.


At present, there are no businesses, concentrating on aggregating recommendations. We want to help bring the ratings and reviews business to the ChatBot world by introducing VOIS. Users will be able to consume and contribute ratings and reviews more naturally, this would be a very competitive offering for present and future markets.

How we built it?

VOIS is built on top of AWS Lex and AWS Lambda. Uses the PeoplesOpinion intent to gather what the user is trying to accomplish. The intent has slots that identify a Business / Product or Service at a given Location. An AWS Lambda function orchestrates the conversation with Yelp Fusion API to power the conversation. We have plans to add more providers like Google Places, Amazon Product Advertizing API's etc.,

Challenges we ran into

  • There were challenges integrating Slack, the app installed through Slacks's api portal Install your app to your team was buggy, until we realized that installation only through Manage Distribution only works
  • Slot type recognition in Amazon Lex was not perfect, sometimes the AMAZON.LocalBusinesses got mixed up with AMAZON.AT_City

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have a fully functional ChatBot and it's pretty amazing to try out different business, services and see how it pulls information so quickly
  • Incredible opportunity that lies ahead by integrating with various aggregators, and recommendation providers

What's next for VOIS

  • Integration with Google Places, Zagat, Amazon Product Advertising and many more recommendation services
  • Provisioning VOIS on Facebook and Twilio SMS channels
  • Make VOIS available as an Alexa skill
  • Building cross platform mobile and desktop applications for consuming VOIS
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