In this Covid Life online classes and online work assignments have been a mess to all the students in their high schools and Universities.This increased the work of plagarism in the submission of the assignments of the students have been a terrible thing which to the staffs to collect and store it.

What it does

  • The students are made to upload their assignment in either of a format.
  • The result is a stored in a Decentralised platform.
  • The main Objective of VOID REPLICA is to avoid the problem of plagiarism.
  • The content cannot be changed or copied without attributing the creator.
  • By using the immutability of Block Chain every original files gets it's fingerprints stored in the form of a block chain network where it resides forever

How we built it

  • The frontend was completely built using Bootstrap,CSS.
  • Solidity was used to write smart contracts.
  • The uploaded files are parsed through IPFS and the generated hash of the IPFS files are stored in MYSQL database.
  • The files are fetched and displayed using INFURA.

Challenges we ran into

  • IPFS integration was a little tough task.
  • Writing smart contracts was a hard task,however we implemented it.
  • Using INFURA to fetch from DB

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Full working model of a D-centralized platform web app using IPFS.

What we learned

  • Learned a lot in writing smart contracts using Solidity

What's next for Void Replica

  • We are aiming to develop VoidReplica in the field of Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence.
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