Managing and storing digital information for a project or just, in general, can be a hassle; we wanted something simple to throw information in and let it sort the info for you. We call it the void.

What it does

It takes in any kind of information(images, files, plain text, URLs, youtube URLs, etc.) and indexes it using azure cognitive search, making it a super-powered personal knowledge base. You can add the information to either the default group or add it to any specific group of your choice. You can also share your groups with other void users if you are collaborating with them.

How we built it

The crux of our project is made possible using azure cognitive search. Every kind of data uploaded to Void goes through our engine for extracting text and images. This extracted data is further sent to Azure Cognitive services for all kinds of image and text analysis. The index created as a result is queried using Lucene search. We made the frontend using ReactJS and Bootstrap, and the chrome plugin was built with vanilla js. The backend is built with fastAPI (python) and uses MongoDB as the database.

Challenges we ran into

The search system built with cognitive search and other azure cognitive APIs is the accomplishment we are the proudest of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Azure cognitive search, Other Azure Apis, and making a chrome plugin from scratch.

What we learned

Azure cognitive search, Other Azure Apis, and making a chrome plugin from scratch.

What's next for VOID

The next step would be to make a mobile app to go with Void so we can access and send data from all major types of devices. We would like to improve the UI/UX with more collaboration features.

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