In the near future, everything is going to be automated. This applicaiton is to enabled hands free voice messaging, think of voice mail but with the usability of texting. VoiceTunnel is used to solve problems such as communication to your friend if you are driving.

What it does

An always listening voice client that knows you and your contacts by name! A server that routes messages from the voice client to another voice client. Speak into you client with your friends name, and you begin a voice to voice conversations!

How I built it

Python and web sockets for the server, with a python client to be used on a raspberry pi javascript, client side websockets and jquery for a thin web app client

Challenges I ran into

asynchronous communication issues challenges of making a natural user interface for the app to know when to listen, stop listening, send the message, and play messages without having any other inputs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a lot of components to demo with the raspberry pi and web client

What I learned

websockets and setup of the raspberry pi

What's next for VoiceTunnel

This should be further built onto existing platforms or ai assistants like amazon alexa, siri, or google assistant to allow quick communication between peers

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