Old School Runescape is a beautiful masterpiece of nostalgic perfection. Perfection has never been so perfect.

What it does

This allows you to play Runescape via voice commands sent by a Google Assistant. This can be done from a phone, tablet, Google Home, or other smart device with access to the Google Assistant. Some commands include walking, turning, chopping trees, making fire, putting on armor, dancing, and speaking with others.

How we built it

We used IFTTT to connect the Google Assistant to a synced Dropbox folder on our local machine. We ran python scripts to take in the input from the Google Assistant stored in a file on Dropbox. We used pyautogui to interact with Runescape through keyboard and mouse commands.

Challenges we ran into

The scripts took control. We fought a hard battle, and in the end the scripts basically still won. One of the scripts nearly deleted the entire project while not having any backups, but we came out with a finished project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bob can dance. Bob can chop. Bob can walk. Bob can talk. Bob just danced again. Bob loves dancing.

What we learned

Only one of us knew Python. He mainly helped everyone, so the rest of the group members got a lot of practice with Python. Making a connection between a Google Home and a PC was very interesting and gave all of us ideas for future projects.

What's next for VoiceScape

Maxed Ultimate Iron Man using only voice commands

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