Clinicians report spending nearly 6 hours of their 12 hour workday on EHR related tasks. The complexity of the current workflow impedes the quality of healthcare, as it drives the doctor’s attention away from the patients. Our team found that several data input routines could be replaced with an automated mobile application.

"I didn't become a doctor to do data entry"

What it does

VoiceMD is platform to automate collection of patient questionnaires with minimal physician oversight. They will be invited to login to, or create and @ sign (powered by the @ Company). After logging into the application, users are presented with textual prompts of PHQ-9 questions (for patients experiencing mental health issues), which they can answer via a conversation in the app. The app will transcribe the patients' answer using Google's speech-to-text API. User responses are recorded, and crucial details are provided to their respective physician. After the questionnaire is completed, the patient can securely send their responses to their doctors via the @ sign.

How we built it

We built the app in several steps

  1. Using Figma to wireframe the UI
  2. Learning Flutter and writing code to make UI in Flutter
  3. Adding speech-to-text library to Flutter, allowing transcription

Challenges we ran into

  • We have never used Flutter to anything similar prior to the hackathon, so there was a lot to learn!
  • After attending the initial pitch, we received feedback and needed to adjust our focus on the project
  • It was also our first time designing an UI from scratch, using Figma, to content creation and using the new software was challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We got our Flutter app fully working with the layout that we wanted!

What we learned

  • How to use Figma and Flutter
  • It is not always needed to use a template to build a project

What's next for VoiceMD

  • interpretation of patient answer to 5-point scale
  • translation - legally approved to avoid fraud charges

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