VoiceLayer for Salesforce Mobile leverages VoiceLayer’s scalable, cloud-based voice-messaging platform and SDK to add the power of voice-messaging to Salesforce.

VoiceLayer for Salesforce Mobile is great for sales teams, field forces, help desks, and general business users. It combines the virtues of messaging-based communications—vs. VOIP—with those of voice. • Voice: Richly conveys nuance; is convenient on-the-go; has natural ease of voice. • Messaging: Can consume realtime or when ready; record is maintained; group communication is easy; no ringing or chit-chat overhead.

Best of all, with VoiceLayer any Salesforce developer can quickly integrate voice-messaging just as in VoiceLayer for Salesforce Mobile.

VoiceLayer for Salesforce Mobile helps teams and customers connect more richly, more easily, and more effectively than ever!

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