My team works building complex IVR system using Amazon connect for various customer support systems. We are working with various enterprises and we understand the support agent workfroce is 80% reduced. People are looking for various information but subject matter experts are locked down at home. We wanted to connect them through our platform. This is not only for technical information, there people feeling down due to separation. People need mental counseling, they would like to talk with some people who could talk to them.

So our platform create volunteer agents who ever signup. People seeking help they call the Toll-Free number and connected agents could talk from their computer or through mobile

What it does

This platform provide web based telephonic service. People who would like to available as an agent in their free time, they could sign up and they could join in their relevant field. Toll-Free number is available for caller they could call for various questions, Amazon Lex is used to understand for what reason they are calling and the call will be diverted to the relevant agent.

How I built it

This platform is built with Amazon Connect which is a telephony system over the web. We are also using Amazon Lex for NLP. We are using NodeJS based lambda functions to handle various other activities

Challenges I ran into

Like all other projects we ran into various challenges. One of the main challenge is to define various fields and how to connect the caller to the relevant person. It took time for ourselves to convenience the method we choose would make sense. And there are possible of fraudulent activites. Then we decided to have various checking and prompts to avoid such activities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are in the start we cannot call it is an accomplishment. But the parth we chose is one of the important one at this situation. We are happy about it

What I learned

Understand people intention is difficult, how to avoid mis uses is difficult but we should have necessary tools in place.

What's next for Voicehands

We are production ready. We are have to add few more layers to make this product fully ready.

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