I have an expense tracker application in my mobile but i never use it because i have to manually add the amount and the item i purchased where has saying that i have got 10$ groceries is easy and system will understand and add the money and item for the tracking which saves my time

What it does

it helps people to add their day to day expense easily by just saying add 120$ for groceries even you can get the expenses that present beforehand also allows to update and delete the item as well

How I built it

i build it using alexa developer, node.js, serverless lambda function, dynamo db.

Challenges I ran into

the challenge was to create the intent for each attribute and category which was very challenging because machine needs to understand the intent of the human as well

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

it was fun to use alexa and i have learnt a lot i will continue working on alexa.

What I learned

What's next for VoiceExpenseTracker

creating the mobile app which will fetch the data from the database and creating the dashboard.

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