-- Quickly share thoughts without using a phone. -- Easy to make, easy to receive records. -- Don`t have to store recordings --> No privacy issues.

How it works:

Download an app on your phone and connect with the iWatch. -- Move your hand to your mouth to activate the app. -- Say your thoughts to record your voice. -- Choose a recipient from the contacts list.

Challenges I ran into:

-- Project required use of the iWatch microphone. -- Limited documentation and support online. -- Xcode 7 beta and watchOS 2 simulator failed to run.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

-- We tried really hard to get the watchOS 2 simulator to work.

What I learned:

-- Controlling the sensors on the iwatch is somewhat difficult due to the lack of information.

What's next for VoiceChat:

-- Allow users to chose the app activation motion. -- Provide group access to the chat and instead of portable radio which policemen or taxi services use. -- Allow include texts. -- Translate texts into. -- Be acquired by Snapchat or Twitter.

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