All over the world today, every news channel that we are exposed to have content that have a possibility of being altered or skewed to tell a story the news outlet want to tell, instead of actually telling the story the people want to tell. Every story has multiple sides with each person involved. We want those voices to be heard with no middle person in between skewing the story. Another problem with our media today is that not all stories are being heard. When companies or government that want to keep certain stories a secret, the news outlets won't tell those stories. However, with blockchain, there is no ownership. We saw the opportunity to have information posted online allowing every person to have the opportunity to have their voices heard, to have their stories told in an uncensored manner.

What it does

VoiceChain will allow anyone who wants to have a voice to speak up. They are free to post whatever they want, and it won’t ever get taken down or altered because the content is not owned by anyone. With blockchain technology we allow content to be posted in a decentralized system.

How we built it

Blockchain and Interplanetary file system allows our product to be decentralized (can’t get taken down). Therefore, people can say whatever they want on this platform (with no restrictions).

Challenges we ran into

• Integrating Ethereum
• Continual iterations in the UI due to time and technical limitations
• Usability for the average user that has little to no knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain
• Front end development: coding a well structured front end
• Scope of the project, what is needed for MVP
• Integration between what the user did/saw and the logic under it all
• Designing the system to have as few points of failure as possible
• Connecting front end and back end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Achieved a high level of decentralization on the app, meeting our goals for low levels of ownership in the blockchain
• Front-end design which was responsive
• Integration of Ethereum with Blockchain technologies
• Beautiful UI for people to work on
• Simple and yet powerful solution

What we learned

• React.js
• Deploying server
• Integrating Ethereum and the use of MetaMask
• Blockchain: concepts and use cases for it
• Interplanetary file system

What's next for VoiceChain

• Votes on the message, allows for people to easily agree or disagree to story
• Threads to each post, allow for other people to comment on the initial message
• Different mediums of posts (ex. pictures, videos, etc.)
• Displaying the cost of each post (Ether wallet)

Limitations / Restrictions

• Web browser only (MetaMask sign on)
• Only available with Ethereum

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