My original Alexa skill was called Memory Bank, and it is currently available in the Alexa Skill Store. I wanted to expand upon what it does and make it more interesting. I want to become more familiar with developing software for Alexa by the hands on process of creating actual skills.

What it does

Voice Vault will store up to 10 phrases per user. Each phrase is protected by a pass phrase that must be recited to access the protected phrase. Additionally, each protected phrase has a decoy phrase and decoy pass phrase associated with it. If the decoy pass phrase is recited, then Alexa responds with the decoy phrase. The skill gives no indication that it recited the decoy phrase rather than the real protected phrase. In order to fully preserve the illusion that the decoy pass phrase is the real pass phrase, the delete intent of the skill will delete the protected phrase if either the real pass phrase or the decoy pass phrase is recited.

How I built it

I built the skill using Java and the Eclipse IDE. I relied on the sample skills included with the Alexa SDK to show me the basics of creating an Alexa skill.

Challenges I ran into

I've used many an SQL database my entire professional career, but never a noSQL one like Dynamo DB. I initially struggled to understand how to define and query a table.

My Alexa skills are also my first experience with hosting software on AWS and using Lambda. It took me a while to get comfortable with both.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think it takes at least a little bravery to put software that I made myself out there for the public to use and review. I want to learn from constructive criticism, but not every bad review is constructive.

What I learned

Voice Vault is my first skill with a non-trivial dialog intent. I hope I implemented it correctly.

What's next for Voice Vault

I'm entering it in this contest,and we will see it goes.

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