Our Goal

According to Statistics Canada, more than 5.3 million Canadians—almost 16% of the population in this country—are living with some form of disability that affects their level of freedom, independence or quality of life. Of that number, over 200,000 are children and youth. Due to their disabilities, a lot of them are unable to enjoy video games. That's why here at Voice Race, we decided to design a game that can bring fun to everyone without the limitation of disabilities.

What it does

Voice Race is a 3D racing game that allows the player to control a racing car by simply saying the words "go", "left", "right", "back", or "faster".

How We built it

We first set up our own race track map in Unity, and then added models for the racing cars. Scripts for voice recognition and car controls are then written and applied to the models to achieve voice-command abilities. Every time the player says the specific command words, such as "go", "left", "right", "back", or "faster", the voice recognition will recognize the command and pass them to the car.

Challenges We ran into

Originally we were planning on having Voice Race on VR, however, due to hardware difficulties, we couldn't get the VR headset to install on any of our team members' devices. Unfortunately, we had to abandon the VR idea. We had trouble passing "left" and "right" commands to the car. Since we wanted to have animations for car wheels to turn, it was a bit difficult for us to both change the car's direction and apply the turn-wheel animations.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We can identify the user's voice commands and pass them to the Unity game.

What We Learned

We learned how to make 3D games in Unity and how to use voice recognition to pass in commands.

What's next for Voice Race

  • Implement Voice Race VR
  • Add voice matching features and multi-player mode, so that multiple players can control their own racing car at the same time
  • Add more features such as allowing the player to choose the map, car model, car colour, etc.
  • Add AI cars so single-players can play with the computer

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