User Experience is changing everyday and as technology and processing becomes cheap, conversational interaction with users has become the next big UX idea for mobile applications. Voice Pay will enable banking using conversational interaction on your smartphone

For the hackathon phase, we plan to integrate retail banking APIs with voice services so that Google Now or/and Amazon Alexa on the smartphones powered by cloud can be used to authenticate users by voice followed by allowing them to perform every action that Retail Banking API and NPCI Partner provides through voice.

Users voice data will be passed through a Voice User Interface API (powered by Alexa or Google voice) and after processing the response will be converted to voice and relayed to the user. All this will be integrated in a background services application for a smartphone so that it can easily be ported or linked to the current iMobile App. The Voice User Interface will be designed based on functionality offered by Retail Banking and NPCI APIs and it will govern how users interact with the application through voice commands. Thus users will be able to perform multitude of tasks exposed by the ICICI APIs like checking account balance, adding payee, transferring funds and much more through simple voice commands.

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