The team was originally planning to make an assistant application for blinds that utilizes ultrasonic sensor but we just got too bored. So we chose to follow the biggest trend, the cryptocurrency. With the Voice of Satoshi, now you can check the cryptocurrency market in real-time, by using your own voice. Just casually ask the device while staying in your cozy bed or a couch. Voice of Satoshi will make your cryptocurrency dream come true with no issues.

What it does

It provides information regarding various famous cryptocurrencies; including the current price, change in price, scale of supply, and individual popularity ranks.

How we built it

We used coinmarketcap API made by Martin Simon. Integrated our customized code to a Google AIY kit to enable the main voice recognition function.

Challenges we ran into

The code was never so compatible that our team had to put a lot of effort on adjusting to the Google AIY kit environment. Luckily we were able to solve it before the deadline!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The code works flawlessly.

What we learned

Coding in Python 3.6.x. , Utilizing Python APIs, Github, Coding in Raspbian, Voice activation on Google AIY, etc.

What's next for Voice of Satoshi

We can enhance the intelligence of the device using machine learning to predict the trend of the price change and recommand certain investment options.

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