Wanted to do something to help raise awareness and educate people on dementia/mental health.

What it does

It is a platform that tries to put a human face on dementia. It allows caregivers and patients to share their personal experience with dementia. It will help new caregivers search common experience and advice on dementia as they deal with it themselves.

How I built it

Used angular, javascript, firebase, nlp.

Challenges I ran into

Wanted to set up a specific domain name, ran into a lot of weird issues. Was hoping there was an easier way

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There was a lot of time spent talking to dementia patients to help narrow down the idea.

What I learned

Picked up a few coding techniques while debugging new technology. Don't use new technology in a hackathon. 

What's next for voice of dementia

Create mobile app for blackberry,ios and android using phonegap. Release it to the public so we can start gathering stories and tips. Then try to visualize the data in a meaningful way for the public.

Built With

  • firebase-angular-javascript
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