Voice is the future. We continuously explore on how we could bring more opportunities for stakeholders to accelerate the digital transformations with innovation at core unlocking hyper automation to customer journeys. How we could address the challenges faced through engagements be it complex app development, testing cycles, versioning issues, cloud migrations and more.

What it does

It simplifies to how developers today code the voice apps be it Alexa skills , Google Home actions. Solution addresses the challenges highlighted on above point through power of API and automation.

How we built it

Started with rich and simple experience UX for citizens developers to gather information needed to create the intents, training keywords, responses. This UX supports to generate the file that act as input to Postman API collection. Service layer is available on both - GCP and IBM that integrates API invocation to cognitive voice services of provider , here in this case Google dialogflow to generate the Google Home Skills. (website link on GCP) (website link on IBM cloud) (GCP Collections link) ​ (IBM Collections link) (Project collections link) (Invite link)

Challenges we ran into

Multi cloud support to begin with same node.js code base that could seamlessly work as service layer on both GCP app engine and IBM Cloud foundry

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Extensibility of the solution, boundary-less possibilities on automations resulting 10x productivity benefits, how easy for business users to be part of development journey towards bringing such additional channels to customers with minimal code development, poly cloud support, follow up intent and multiple intent creation

What we learned

Path to innovation need patience, knowledge, new challenges as we integrate the siloed executable elements to turn the idea in reality with end to end execution. Simplified the experience with layer of UX to generate the input credentials for one click API invocation.

What's next for Voice Ninjaaa

UX interface inputs that not only develops the voice app actions but make the complete value chain automated to have the action in production through DevSecOps cycle for users to experience the voice apps through their devices and / or mobile apps.

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