We were inspired by the challenge given to us by TD Bank to create an app that would be totally hands off, mainly through the voice commands.

What it does

It parses sentences from a user to select or perform an action to the user's specification. These sentences are told to the android and it parses it into commands to commit.

How we built it

Utilized android studio to create the design and functionality of the application. Java was the main language utilized and was primarily how we interacted with our language server. Google speech detect was used to convert spoken words into sentences, which were sent to the server to be parsed into commands for the application.

Challenges we ran into

Git version control had a hard time interfacing with android studio which caused a good deal of time wasted. Many of us never built an android app before so it was all new for us. Connections between the server and mobile were not working in various times which caused critical errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A functioning application you can talk to.

What we learned

How to develop a android application and the limitations of a voice command.

What's next for Voice Navigation in a Mobile Banking App

More functionality and preventing erroneous inputs from crashing the application.

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